Random Liberty Sightings: 002

Chris “Rides Low” earned himself some bonus points for having his ride in the pic.  The photo was taken in Philly, PA

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Profile: Ruben/M45

In the northeast VIP scene, the newer Infiniti M has taken the crown for being the most popular VIP “platform” car to style.  Seems like the torch has passed down from the timeless Lexus 2GS.  Although Ruben is still in his “warm-up suit”, his pearl white M45 certainly does not blend in with your average M

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Liberty Garage: 002 (completed)

I have to admit, when ever someone calls their coupe “VIP styled” I cringe.  It just doesn’t seem right since the scene was made for 4 door luxury sedans, not sporty little 2 doors.  This coupe right here is one of the rare occasions where you can place it between a bunch of vip styled sedans and not have it look out-of-place.  Fat Mikes car is now complete and I have to say, I am not only impressed but also proud to have this ride in the crew.  Great job!

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This Is How We Do It: 001

In today’s world, having web access at all times is very important.  Even coffee and fast food chains have computers inside for their customers.  Brenden says “who needs an Iphone when you have a computer in your car.”  He was kind enough to document his long DIY carputer project in his F50 Q45 with us.

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Profile: Tommi/3LS

The after MC version of the LS430 is one of the most sought after VIP platform cars that we have in the states.  The presence one would have on the road in VIP form, would make most drivers shift over a lane out of intimidation.  The Liberty VIP general Tommi, was kind enough to share his Big Body with us.

Pic credit: Jerry Nguyen

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