The Best of Both Worlds

What happens when you get two of the most charismatic characters of the game from the north & south and ask them to write a blog together?  Even Ms. Cleo couldn’t tell you what you are in for!

We got Mike (BlkonBlk98) from Houston Texas who is a very opinionated hardcore VIP enthusiast.  His ideal VIP ride would be something with minimal body& fender work, slammed on some non aggressive discontinued OG wheels.  It’s all business with this guy.  He gets a bigger kick at viewing undercarriage photo’s then most guys do up skirt pics.  Then we got myself, a flashy, unpredictable New Yorker with no shame.  I was told by Mike that I give the word “stuntin” a new meaning.  To me, a VIP car should be cut up in one way or another for it to look proper.   Just like the geographic locations on the US map, our opinions are usually no where near.  We were able to get together out of respect for each others views, knowledge and common goals to bring you the people the most up to date updates on the crew.

Stay tuned, you are in for a JOOSEy treat



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