What Liberty Means To Us

Liberty is not just a fancy name created by some New Yorkers.  Matter of fact, the creator of the crew, Rob (PhillyGS3), resides in Philly near the “Liberty Bell.”  The name symbolizes freedom, both as a car crew and modding styles.

How We Got Started

A bunch of guys got together on the Northeast and decided that if we wanted the East Coast to really come up in the VIP scene, we had to drop the egos and all stick together.  Every move we made has put the people first.  All the funds we managed to raise have been used for putting together BBQ’s.  That helped get people out there so they could meet us and see the cars up close in person.  Soon, guys from other states were hearing about the brotherly love (no homo) and wanted in.  Our goals then shifted from getting the East Coast together to uniting the entire US/Canada.  Slowly but surely, we spread from the Northeast to all of North America.  Chapters were even added overseas.  

What We Are About

Wouldn’t it be great to have a scene where everyone knows each other and is willing to help out?  The main goal is to have fun.  This is why we place a bigger emphasis on a person’s character and what they have to offer as an individual and not what they drive.  It is easier to learn skills and knowledge than it is for a selfish person to learn to be unselfish.

How We Feel About Competition

Don’t get it confused, Liberty is a crew and we have both personal and team goals but we don’t view other crews as competition.  Matter of fact, we show love to anyone in the scene especially those who are doing it big.  There are people in car clubs out there that view things too seriously, like it’s a gang.  That’s where our crew differs.  We have members in the group who are in other clubs and are allowed to do so.  You really have the freedom to do as you please as long as you do not make the rest of the crew look bad.  Cars are a hobby and hobbies should bring you joy.  Once you start taking things too seriously and can’t have fun, it’s time to find a new hobby.

What to Expect From Us This Upcoming Year

  • A physical presence at most, if not all, major VIP events in the states.
  • Media coverage.
  • Well organized meets and BBQ’s.
  • Mod days where we all help each other out.
  • New members and chapters in more cities.
  • Sick new gear to rep for the crew.
  • New cars under the knife and old cars getting redone.
  • Show display items like flags, banners, and Euro plates.
  • Lots of fun and memories.



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