Breakfast of Champions

When you find “the one,” you do things out of love. You give it your all without asking for anything in return, just that it works out. I think I found “the one.” It is in the form of a car club. Lots of my time gets spent trying to keep its message forum active and helping it’s members. Once hype dies or the right people leave, its hard to get it back on track. Luckily, we got the right chemistry within the crew with a good share of post whores who are just as ecstatic about the movement as I am. I try to do things with a business mindset. Us (Liberty) are the product and everyone else is the consumer. The consumers need to buy the product in order for it to survive on the open market. Once people start investing in it, the brand grows bigger and stronger. Quality then increases and as a result, the people get a better product. Just like with any other business, you have to keep things fresh. “You ain’t never had this sh*t before.”

On the flip side, you can’t over sell your product. Gotta keep that residual income flowing from your loyal supporters with honesty. It is what it is. Yes we are in the early stages of development but we got the best coaches, PR and general managers that money can buy. We may have struggled to get to .500% this year but we had some pleasant surprises with the team development . In 2010, we won’t struggle for a playoff spot. We will be trying to clinch the division early with a month  left in the season. If it happens or not doesn’t matter at this point. The intent is there and the people buy into it. Good players all of a sudden want to sign to the club. Season ticket sales are going quick. Every game is a sell out. All the attention is now on the “team to watch.” All the pressure is on the crew to perform. They been forced to succeed due to the system they are apart of. All the fame comes easy due to the fact that the spot light been shinning this direction. Our Wheaties no longer taste like cardboard. “What do they taste like” you ask? They taste like success!



5 responses to “Breakfast of Champions

  1. Damn nice update and you sound like a dealer with your “You ain’t never had this sh*t before.” but I like the update and hope to see more up soon. 2010 got a lot of stuff coming.

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