Profile: Chris/2GS

Exclusiveonez has slowly built one of the sickest GS’ on the north east.  There is more going on then the average eye would notice.  Thats not to say the the average eye can’t help but notice the presence this ride has on the street.  Chris was kind enough to answer some questions for you guys.  We left the interview unedited just like the others we have done so you can read it as if the person was speaking to you.

Pic credit: Jerry Nguyen

Q&A (unedited)

What inspired you?
The scene as a whole inspires me, from Cali to Minnesota, to Florida and then up to Canada. Seeing people come up with exotic modifications and serious interior set-ups push me to think about what I can do too make my next phase different and stand out. Making my car different from people on the internet doesn’t bother me, but I just have to make sure the people in the Northeast have never seen anything done like this to a GS before. At this stage, I don’t think I have to be the ONLY one, I just have to be the HOTTEST one. It will be hard, but with the help of my team, I will be up to the task.

Thoughts on the scene?
Well, to me, the scene is always changing. Japan is moving toward that “sporty” feel, while we, in the US, are in that “I can make my non-platform car officially VIP”. I ask myself the same question over and over again, “do we always want to be the style that is slacking a quarter/year behind or do we want the Japanese VIP fans to see/chase our trends?”. With Rodney coming out HUGE (read: car of the year award type huge) for the VIP community, I see more “non-platform” cars taking the center stage. TAKE THIS AS YOUR INVITATION FELLAS

Joose is amazing. Joose can make you sing, dance, write rhymes and talk shit. I am a relatively calm guy, but once Joose is in my system, or better yet, once I know I have Joose in my possession, I get a bit restless, and as I drink it, the NorCal guys would say I get, “hyphy.” If they say Red Bull gives you wings, then, DEAR GOD, Joose is the equivalent to the Concord (you’re right to say no more are in service, but they damn sure flew above the rest). Ready for a ping pong match? Just try it verse your sober friends…….. 2-on-1.

Well, to continue on with the theme, I want to go Euro style. My wheels have always had great compliments and the biggest comment for them is always regarding that “Benz/AMG retro style.” While I won’t necessarily be calling upon Mercedes Benz to style my Lexus, let’s just say, even the fin roof spoiler will have a take on that European style!


Work Schwert SC3 19×9/10 F= +20, R= +0

KSport Airtech Air Suspension

Pulled/shaved rear fenders

LED rear tail lights with custom sequential turn signals

Shaved inner trunk lights



3 responses to “Profile: Chris/2GS

  1. This GS is just Official… I’ve been on the Hwy riding with him and I’ve almost crashed because I just couldn’t stop looking at it (or was it that I was Crashing from the Joose)…

  2. Definately my favorite build in the crew, not just because it’s a Gs . Because I was there to witness alot of the blood and sweat that went into the car LOL . Can’t wait for phase 2 , should be fun

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