Profile: Tommi/3LS

The after MC version of the LS430 is one of the most sought after VIP platform cars that we have in the states.  The presence one would have on the road in VIP form, would make most drivers shift over a lane out of intimidation.  The Liberty VIP general Tommi, was kind enough to share his Big Body with us.

Pic credit: Jerry Nguyen


  • Work F2S Black Polish
  • 20×9.5 20×10.5(Sold)


  • UAS/coilover hybrid suspension
  • chrome 7 switch controller
  • dakota digital gauge
  • accuair VU4 solenoid


  • Turn signal mirrors/kazz sport blue mirrors
  • Junction produce roof spoiler
  • Badge-less Grill (color matched)
  • Fabulous CF pillars
  • Debadged
  • Amber reflector removed from headlights
  • HID fogs


  • Kenwood DNX 8120 head unit
  • Custom system.

Q&A (unedited)

What inspired you?

Well growing up on the eastcoast(Brooklyn,ny) it was the thing to have a nice luxury car,stay fresh & bag shorties so once i got exposed to vip & i saw how they were putting down with the luxury cars i wanted in.

Thoughts on the scene?

I love vip as whole but i really like where vip is going in the states…there’s sick builds popping up all over the place…before it was just places like hawaii,cali,texas doing it big but now there’s quality cars all over & that’s the thing i like most about the scene right now everyone is stepping their game up & helping vip progress as a whole here in the states.


I actually prefer german beer but that damn joose is crazy!! i drank it a few times & every single time it put me on my ass…


what who said i have plans?8-)

P.S. Shout out to the whole liberty vip family all over the map,VSC & CL



3 responses to “Profile: Tommi/3LS

  1. The funny thing is , The car is nowhere near done. Wait till they see the new look for 2010 “game over”. Im glad I dont own an LS

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