Liberty Garage: 002 (completed)

I have to admit, when ever someone calls their coupe “VIP styled” I cringe.  It just doesn’t seem right since the scene was made for 4 door luxury sedans, not sporty little 2 doors.  This coupe right here is one of the rare occasions where you can place it between a bunch of vip styled sedans and not have it look out-of-place.  Fat Mikes car is now complete and I have to say, I am not only impressed but also proud to have this ride in the crew.  Great job!



3 responses to “Liberty Garage: 002 (completed)

  1. Mike is the MAN! When he called me to order the wheels, we were on the phone for about 1hour just going over the fitments. He went with the STRONGEST fitment and MADE THE WHEELS FIT. Everyone thinks they have what takes to make the transition to VIP, but no one is willing to make the wheels fit.

    Mike was willing, and able. His car is proof of that.


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