Profile: Ruben/M45

In the northeast VIP scene, the newer Infiniti M has taken the crown for being the most popular VIP “platform” car to style.  Seems like the torch has passed down from the timeless Lexus 2GS.  Although Ruben is still in his “warm-up suit”, his pearl white M45 certainly does not blend in with your average M


  • Weds Kranze Vinushu SBC/Polish
  • 20×9 225/35
  • 20×10 245/35


  • Espiliar Springs


  • Factory lip kit
  • HKS Legamax exhaust
  • Roof wing
  • Trunk spoiler


  • Bully horn
  • 8k HID headlights, 10k fogs
  • DAD ignition starter ring

Q&A (unedited)


Hanging out with guys like AGI, Rodney, Chris, Tommie and talking with few others and picking their brains on ideas makes me want to go all out.

Thoughts of the scene?

I’m new to the scene having been mostly a “racer boy” but like how this scene is more mature oriented.


Tried it once and it definately had a kick. I’m not really a Joose head like some other guys but can definately kick back a few with the fellas.


Hanging out with these guys gave me the bug.. so will be going air and more aggressive wheels among other things.

BBK already on order.


4 responses to “Profile: Ruben/M45

  1. One of my favorite builds in the crew, You can eat off the hood thats how clean Ruben keeps this thing “no bull shit”

  2. This joint is so official… I do a double take everytime I see it roll… and that’s almost everyday… never gets old.

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