The Road To VIP: 003

I can’t explain what you are about to see to an average enthusiast.  I take this movement very seriously the way the Japanese do.  Here are less than half of the issues I had to deal with during my quest for VIP.  All I got to say is “do you have the heart to risk your life for your lifestyle?”


5 responses to “The Road To VIP: 003

  1. Wow you seriously run like that in NYC?!?!?!?! I only seen your car in a few angles. People usually make excuse running wheel setup here. I usually say there should be no excuses. Thats amzing man. You were by Flushing Meadow Park? Was that for a photoshoot?

  2. Thanks man. The car has been down for all of 2009 so that is why you didn’t see it.

    I used to daily drive it when I had it. I must of popped at least 1 tire a month and had to get it towed at least once a month due to cracked or bent struts or other issues from being low.

    RIDES magazine got a permit to close down that section of Flushing meadow park so I could have pics taken near the globe. Its actually the cover shot for RIDES magazine for the Sept 2008 issue. I cracked a strut that day, popped a tire and had electrical issues with my air suspension. My car was towed to the shoot and towed back. In the process, my front bumper got damaged beyond repair and my exhaust got ripped off for the 3rd time.

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