This is how we do it: 002

Styling your car in VIP fashion means you are making your luxury car appear more luxurious.  What people seem to forget is that you are making your luxury car feel like less of a luxury car in the process.  Let me explain.  Harsh rides due to cheap low profile stretched tires with stiff suspensions that allow you to crawl over the ground, doesn’t translate into luxury.

One characteristic of a luxury car outside of appearance that could be improved on is sound deadening.  Bret from Canada shows us how he made the doors of his UCF20 ready to deaden the amplified road noise associated with VIP styling.

After B-Quiet sound deadener applied:

Custom MDF baffles and rings made in my basement with a jigsaw and coated with 4 coats of paint to avoid water penetration:

Baffles, speaker and crossover installed:

non-hardening modelling clay was used to seal the ring to the baffle and the baffle to the door.

Closed cell foam added to door card



4 responses to “This is how we do it: 002

  1. You said it best at the beginning. Do you have a post that really goes over everything in a less in-detail part and then steps to the detailed description?

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