This Is How We Do It: 003

For years, New York City has been known for being the “fashion capital” of the world.  The way the media has geared societies thinking, is different here then most places around the Globe.  We like to translate that into the cars we drive and the ways we “design” them.  Sometimes, an idea for a car modification can come from the most unlikely of sources.

click “read more” below, to find out what Rodney’s inspiration was behind his interior.

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Liberty Garage: 004

Unlike some parts of the US, the north-east actually experiences real winters with extreme temperature changes. During these cold months, car modders gather parts and start to plan for the upcoming spring/summer.  Ground Hog’s day is usually the day that reminds us that the dreaded winter is almost over.

This Ground Hog’s day, Brendan out of MA pulled out his new wheels out of the hole they were hibernating in and did a test fit for us.

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