1 Month and 9,000 Views Later

The first month comes to a close and I would like to say it has been a fun learning experience.  I have to thank all the members who contributed with content.  I also have to thank everyone who checked in often and took the time out to leave comments.  We hit 9,000 views in only a month.  I can’t stress how HUGE that is.  Most good blogs don’t see that in a year.  This is great motivation for myself as well as the entire team to continue to do what we do.  Thank you all



2 responses to “1 Month and 9,000 Views Later

  1. You guys have a strong following keep updating Agim! Are we gonna get to hear more rants like you had on Widebodycue or Presibent? You guys are definitely doing it big and maaaaaad props to that. Your crew is holding it down for not just the East Coast but for VIP tuning in general in America.

  2. I have been slacking on my personal blogs and might update them soon but not as frequently as I used to.

    Thanks. The team goal was originally to unite the entire East Coast. As we gained momentum, it shifted to uniting the whole VIP scene in North America. It just doesn’t feel like a true scene yet and hope to change that by the years end.

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