Profile: Joe/LS400

Joe, our youngest member out of Long Island NY, shows us that he is a quick learner with his clean UCF10

Mods: coming shortly


I’ve always peeked around the scene around Japan and most of the cars over there are wild and over the top. But most of those were wayy out of my league. My fellow Liberty members are the main reason i try to push everything to the limits, seeing them debuting new parts makes me want to step up and try to one up themĀ :D.

Thoughts of the scene:

VIP styling has both its ups and downs..but at the end of the day, your car still puts a smile on your face. I hope the scene grows larger with more and more correctly modded cars, this means no mexi poke or 4×4 status and calling yourself VIP.


little things here and there are coming but just wait later on in 2010, the final debut will come out.


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