Winter Mode Allstars: 002

Anyone can look good for a picture.  Not all can do it every single day.  In doing so, you have to put in the extra effort even when you believe no one is watching.  Well guess what?  The streets are watching and they are saying Liberty VIP is changing the way you go about “Winter Mode.”

Who else stretches snow tires on their spare 3pc. “beater” wheels?


3 responses to “Winter Mode Allstars: 002

  1. HOLLA!!!…

    It’s funny… it was still summer time when the search started on the winter mode wheels… It was fall when Grant found me a set and I had them stored for months before summer got here… Some people thought that when they got thrown on, I just got them… VIP is a lifestyle, I’m determined to follow… Cause in NYC… the Streetz is [always] Watching… And I’m in the Streetz 365 in the TL… Daily driven is the name of the game… Like the Postman… Rain/Sleet/Snaow or Hail…

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