Profile: Dave/A8L

Dave out of NJ has chosen a very unlikely but very fitting vehicle to VIP style, the Audi A8L.  Seeing this long chassis lowered aggressively on some nice fitting 20″ AME wheels has had the locals in a frenzy.  Don’t be surprised if this ride changes the way people mod their 8’s and causes hardcore VIP enthusiasts to trade in their Lexus’.

Mods: Coming shortly


Individuality; The aggregate of qualities and characteristics that distinguish one person or thing from others, This is what drives me. I have never seen a Audi look like this before. I always saw the japanese big body sedans looking insane slammed to the ground with equally insane wheel fitment and wondered why I couldn’t do that. This is what insired me to move forward in the direction im heading with my car.

Thoughts of the scene:

I’m liking the direction the scene is heading, it seems like alot of cars that aren’t true VIP platforms are making waves in the way people are thinking about the scene.

Joose (optional):

Joose… Where could i even start? Joose, if you havent experience it yet you might want to grab a can. Lets just say the FDA Wants to ban it for a Reason. It sure is a Amazing Buzz.


Plans?? Theres somethings i have in mind, but only time and (tax return) will tell:p


5 responses to “Profile: Dave/A8L

  1. Dam sonnn. This is such a drastic difference with the wheels. I was skeptical at first, but DAMN. Clean, slick and classy.

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