Profiles: Dominik/Y32 Cedric

Dominik from Australia is a true ambassador of VIP style.  He  is one of the most influential people who helped the scene progress outside of Japan.  Not many people can say that they took the initiative to learn the language and study the culture to get a better understanding of the style.  Being the first foreigner to ever attend a Japanese VIP car meet and being pictured 3 times in Japanese VIP mags are just some of the accomplishments he has under his belt.  My whole crew is very honored to have Dominik (who also reps AusVip) on board.


1994 Nissan Cedric (Y32)

Baremetal respray in Mazda OEM colour Crystal White Pearl
Roof done with Toyota OEM black
Rare Factory Optional chrome front lip
Headlight eyelids
AimGain style rolled edge muffler with 12″ long tips
Factory taillights with diffussers removed and orange portion tinted red
DIY tints

Clear front corner lights
Delete fender indicators
Mirror indicators with upgraded LEDs
6000k HIDs in fogs
Audi HID projectors retrofitted in custom housing with 6000K globes

JIC SF-1 Coilovers
Pillowball rear upper control arms
Pillowball rear toe control arms
Pillowball front caster arms
Work Schwert SC2 in 19×9 (F) and 19×10 (R), white-polish (WP) on the left and white on the right side (W)

Toyota factory reversing camera hooked up to a mirror monitor
Clazzio Seat covers
Xbox running XBMC in the trunk.
Aftermarket steering wheel
Digital dash & loom wired in to replace the stock analogue meters
Kenwood subs, Sony 6x9s and 6.5″ 2 ways

Q&A (unedited)

To be 100% honest, i took some inspiration from the dub scene. I wasnt building this car looking at a picture from Vipcar in 2004 (when blinged out clean luxury style was popular). I really like the modern cutting edge vip look and when you look into it, they are taking inspiration from the US dub spec cars.

Also, my car is getting on in years. I like how most of the Y32 builds in Japan focus on making the car look more modern, so i went with mods that would make it appear newer (mirror indicators, black roof, the white colour, headlight retrofit etc)

The white wheels, while complimenting the dub inspired white on white look, is also sporty; which is another modern trend that is something that you cant really pull off without a vip platform.

So in a nutshell, Sporty, modern, Dub.
The beauty of having a vip platform is that i can do all that and still call it vip.
(Though at times during the build i worry whether it would all mesh together ok)

Thoughts of the scene?

Its becoming quite clear that the US is evolving its own ‘look’ and the scene is growing around that. Thats not a bad thing though, and its important to have a sense of identity, rather than blindly following the Japanese trends. I myself prefer the Japanese vip look and love how it constantly evolves. I got into vip when it was all about crazy widebodies and garish paint; i loved the craziness of it and how silly it was to do this to luxury cars. I still like that look even though i have reached an age where practicality should be my number 1 goal!


There is still the factory sideskirts and rear lip to go on this car. They are both extremely subtle, but should add a bit of detail to the sides/rear. I also plan to redo my retrofit and possibly also do LEDs in the taillights.
I also have some bigger brakes to go on the front, and then i will concentrate on little details to make the left/right side of my car look subtly different (sporty vs dubbish).


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