Welcome Back: BLKonBLK98

Early January, BLKonBLK98 had to take a short leave of absence for personal reasons.  He helped start the game plan for this blog and was responsible for “cleaning” up this site so it would display properly.

I have to admit, in his absence, these two months have been a bit over whelming.  I felt it was necessary to update this blog site daily with fresh new content for you guys.  Although shorthanded, I tried my best and we made it though.  Thanks guys who contributed with pictures as well as the readers for the much needed feedback.  I am happy to say that Mike is back and eager to help make this blog the best that we can.  Now lets let him catch up with what the crew has been up to so I can take a vacation.



4 responses to “Welcome Back: BLKonBLK98

  1. Thanks for the welcome back Agi. You did a great job keeping the blog up and sticking to the game plan. I’m getting back into the groove so expect some posts out of me real soon.

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