Profile: BLKonBLK98/G50, UCF10

It’s your boy BLKonBLK98. What? You never heard of me? Allow me to introduce myself…

Impul R1 17×8/9
Falken 512
JIC-Magic FLT-TAR VIP SL Coilovers
SPL Z32 Tension/Toe/Tie Rod Ends

Carving Head40 18×8.5/9.5
Nankang NSII
JIC-Magic FLT-TAR VIP Coilovers
UCF20 Front Brakes
JDM Headlights

Q&A (Unedited)
What inspires you? Oustide inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime.  More often, I just follow the voices in my head. They tell me how something should be and then I try to make it happen with respect to my standards. It’s like a combination of general design, personal style, mood, and technical aspects (more complicated than it sounds). My main thing is to just trust in myself and my ideas even though my approach may (will) be different than the norm. On one hand I may never get the shine some others will get following the formula, on the other: I may set some trends. All or nothing.

Thoughts on the scene? I just try to roll with it. In the end it’s all trends…  up, down, and around. Sometimes I hate the new style or feel like this or that is a bandwagon. Then I  have to remember if I’m sick about it I’m only ruining it for me. You just gotta step back and realize that even though things may appear different everyone is going at it with the same enthusiasm as you. On a side note: I’m liking the fact that the U.S. is developing a strong identity/scene vs. replicating somebody else’s (with all due respect).

Joose? Just sipped my first Joose today. I will continue to support them as the team drink, but when nobody’s loookin’ I’m on the Corona and Cuervo/Patron.

Plans? As far as the cars: more than I feel like typing. Otherwise, I have been tryin’ to turn this into a career for a while now with no plans of givin’ up.


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