Aftermath: Second Annual Liberty BBQ in Staten Island

Sunday, May 30th, Liberty hosted our second annual BBQ at Midland Beach Staten Island NY.  It would have been an understatement to have said the showing we had this year was great.  We had nice cars come from FL, GA, IL, DE, VA, MD, Washington D.C., MA, PA, NJ, Upstate NY, CT and even Ontario Canada.  This is the largest VIP style showing ever to take place on the East.

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Road to VIP: Dedication

With the second annual Liberty BBQ just days away, the guys are rushing to get their cars done.  No one around here cares to make car show deadlines but this BBQ right here is important to the guys for many reasons.  It’s where we held our first meet when we got started.  It’s also the first official gathering since last year.  The hype surrounding the crew is insane so many top dogs are flying from all over to make this meet.

Ty and I went up to Dreamakers Kustoms to pick up his ride.  210 miles in each direction is no joke.  Unfortunately, it was not complete when we got there.  The side skirts were about 3mm’s too long.  Doesn’t seem like much but in a game where attention to detail is clutch, 3mm’s is enough to throw off the entire fitment of a part.  We have to shout out Nate and his staff for sticking around until 11:45 PM to get TY’s ride right.  What shop do you know will do that?

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Liberty is a VIP style luxury sedan crew.  The fact that we do have a couple of luxury coupe’s speaks volumes on how we feel about the actual car’s, people who drive them and the direction they look to take them.  I’m going to introduce you to Will.

Right now, he drives a pearl white Lexus SC430 which is lowered via UAS.  In the future, he plans to change his rims to something more aggressive but for now, he plans to space out his 3pc wheels.  Look out for this car at our BBQ on May 30th in Midland Beach Staten Island NY.


Liberty Garage: 007 (continued)

So I had this nightmare last week.  It was like no other dream I ever had.  In this nightmare, I went to visit my baby but she wasn’t so happy to see me.  Her emotions grew wild as I stepped in the shop.  She grew bigger and greener than she previously was.  Her anger was due to me neglecting her for 2 years and sending her hundreds of miles away where all she does is collect dust.

Don’t worry PresiBent, I will make it up to you, I promise.  I got you some new presents.

Let me drop the bomb on you all.  Remember where you seen it first! (Click read more)

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Liberty Garage: 020

It was just yesterday that Randy bought his Lex GS and he is already going hard.  So far, he added a Universal Air suspension with Accuair manifold and front billet brackets to allow for an additional drop.  The brackets were modified some more for about 15mm’s of slammage.

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