BLACK Countdown: 35 Days

35 days are what is left before one of the most talked about shows of the year.  People are scrambling to get their cars cleaned up and last second modifications in. I put together some FAQ for you guys.  This show is NOT for everyone

Q: Is this show open to all cars?
A: No, only modified modern (1990-2011) Luxury vehicles are allowed to enter the lot.

Q: Is there a parking lot for those not entering?
A: Yes, there is a parking lot on the other side of the street and there are two crossing guards there to help you cross the road. Parking is not free, the club is charging

Q: If I enter my car, can I bring someone with me for free?
A: No. The car registration is just for you and the car. Anyone you bring will have to pay $15 at the date of the show or $10 pre-pay on

Q: I have a luxury SUV, can I bring it?
A: No. Exceptions can be made based off of modification level (Ex:slammed to the ground on some nice fitting, multi piece wheels) but for the most part, you can not.

Q: Are coupes allowed in?
A: The show is marketed towards luxury sedans. It is open to luxury coupes as well but certain smaller roadster models are not allowed in. No Audi TT’s, Benz SLK’s, BMW Z3/4’s, etc. Again, exceptions can get bent based off of modification level.

Q: What cars are allowed to compete in the Japanese Other category?
A: This category will be where modified Acura’s and K-cars, can compete in.

Q: Are there going to be high-end exotics at this event?
A: There will be Bentley’s and Maserati’s on hand but no supercars. We are not looking for sports cars, just luxury.

Q: Will there be a whole bunch of DUB styled cars at the event? I see a Domestic category.
A: Every car is subject to approval. Since this show is for the enthusiasts and not for the end profit, certain cars can get turned away. Chargers, Magnums, Challengers, Camaro’s are not allowed in because they are not luxury cars. 300’s, Cadillacs, Lincolns on the other hand, can enter. Again, they are subject to approval.

Q: Is the club open during the car show?
A: Yes, the club is open and serving drinks during the event.

Q: Will there be security at this event?

A: Yes, there are 7 paid bouncers for this event.


No Guts, No Glory: 001

Paul out of Staten Island, NY has chosen an unlikely vehicle which he looks to VIP style, the Lexus IS300.  Given his track record on his previous builds and history of DIY mods, we had no problem letting him in our circle.  As of right now, he still has some way to go but he looks to tackle this one, inside out.

Check out the progress on his interior.  Two-tone with diamond stitch suede inserts, suede door cards, headliner and pillars.

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