B L A C K: Trophies

Since B L A C K is the first show of its kind and is catering to the VIP crowd & high-rollers, it is only right that we are using high-class trophies.

^These are given out to the 1st-3rd place categories

^Given out to the “Best of Show

They have yet to arrive so I am just showing you the demo images.  These are not your typical $5 trophies that are giving out at your average car show.  Matter of fact, 17 of these would cost about as much as 150 of your average trophies.  If you win one of these, it may just end up being your most prized award in your collection.  That is not only because of the quality of it but also because of the quality of cars in your class that you had to beat out.

*Special thanks to Mike “BlkonBlk98” for assisting me with choosing the trophies.

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