Debut: Mark Y34 M45

Out in the east coast, the VIP scene has almost been non-existent from 05-09.  There were only a few guys doing it during that time period and some of them left the game completely.  It almost felt like there was no hope in it ever catching on in this side of the country.  One of the first guys to do it out here was Mark with his silver Y34.  The car was decked out in Junction Produce everything when people still thought that was the name of a fruit and vegetable store.  The car went through many make overs during that time period but it is no longer has his main focus since he also has a Lexus 3GS.  It continues to hold its own since there are very little Y34’s out there let alone fully modified versions of the first generation M45.

When ever we have a major car meet or BBQ, he is there with one of his VIP cars showing support.  Out of respect for the scene and hopes of it strengthening in our region, we extended an invite to our seasoned vet and he accepted.  Welcome aboard.

Here is Mark’s Y34 M45.

Brief mod list:

Works Co. JDM lip kit

Cedric LED tails

Junction Produce Taillight eye lids

Junction Produce wing

Junction Produce hood spoiler

Chrome trunk bar

GT-R Wheels

Nissan Grill emblem retro-fitted on USDM Infiniti grill

Benz SL fender vents with chrome fins

Benz ML hood vents with chrome fins

Custom trunk (saving pics for an “Iced out” blog feature)


5 responses to “Debut: Mark Y34 M45

  1. Yes Sir… That M was the first VIP modified car I saw in person… it completely changed my whole out look on doing up a car…

    Mark also helped me acquire my first set of multi-piece wheels… he’s a good dude…

  2. Thanks Agi and crew !!!!

    I think Liberty is doing an awesome job of continuing on bringing VIP to the east…..something that I could not accomplish over the years.

    You guys are the best !!!

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