B L A C K: Unofficial Video

PhreshProductions was kind enough to record the event.  This isn’t the official video for BLACK but that’s not to say the video didn’t come out official.  Check it out

Be on the look out for the official video with interviews and behind the scenes action of the event.


8 responses to “B L A C K: Unofficial Video

  1. Thanks for the tip. It was a pretty nice video and we look to work with him again.
    The official one will have interviews and show more of each car. The camera man was also in the club during the trophy ceremony. I believe it will be split up into two youtube videos. You will see it here first. Thanks for viewing.

    • Although the video is pretty sick, it doesn’t highlight some of the better quality cars that were there. The official video will do so. About 45 cars registered for the show and there was as many spectator cars in the next parking lot. Considering it was a first time show for a niche scene, it wasn’t bad at all. I personally would have liked to have seen more cars like we normally have at our BBQ’s but there is always next year.

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