When I decided to throw “B L A C K,” I had envisioned it as a long-term project.  It may take 4-5 years to reach its full potential but if it doesn’t start somewhere, it may never get to that point.  The VIP car shows they throw in Japan were my inspiration.  From the “King of Sedan” festival to the up and coming “Sessions Platinum”, words can’t describe how awesome these events are.  Some of these guys change-up their already complete look of their cars from paint, wheels, interior, custom body work, all just to be relevant at one of these shows.  Being in that parking lot would make the biggest names in the car game, feel tiny.  Just watch this video, you will be in awe.

This is going to be our motivation to making  “B L A C K II”  twice the event the first one was.  Since the scene is still very small, we need all of the enthusiasts there next year from the hardcore to the average tuners.  It can be done, it just can’t be done alone.  Houston, Dallas, Florida, Las Vegas, SoCal, Norcal, I want to see you all in attendance.  With or without cars (preferably with).  Lets do this!

Official date and location for B L A C K II will come after our next BBQ.  We are going to give you guys plenty of time to plan for this event so no excuses.  If you are not there, we will take it personal


One response to “Inspiration

  1. These cars are all stunning. I love the caution needed to navigate such a small bump at the entrance. Japan does it hard no question about it.

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