Tune in Thursday July 29th 6pm-8pm eastern as Liberty invades your radio!

I was invited to do a radio show tomorrow with Mc Slick and James from Mobile Addictions.  I would like to thank those guys for the opportunity.  You can listen regardless of where you are from through your iphone, blackberry or android phone using this link


You can tune in from your computer using this link

This is from 6pm-8pm eastern (3pm-5pm for my friends on the west coast) on Thursday July 29th.

I will be talking about the rise of the VIP movement on the east as well as my crew Liberty VIP.  You won’t want to miss out.  Get some popcorn and check out the site.  Be sure to show love on the website chatroom.  You can ask me anything on there (no homo) about the crew or VIP and I will be glad to answer.  Hope you tune in,


Liberty Garage: 014(complete)

I forgot to update you guys on the progress of this ride but I figured you all seen pics in the “B L A C K” recap blogs.  Anyway, let me introduce you to the MVP of 2010 (IMO)

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Stop It!: 005

At Liberty, we like to promote complete builds.  This is why we highlight individual aspects of our rides that the average person may not have noticed.

As much of a luxury good brakes can be to your safety, most people associated with this style choose to upgrade solely for the look.  There is nothing like seeing a nice big caliper floating behind a wheel in motion.  Considering Charlies Work SC1 wheels have lots of open space behind them, their full potential can’t be achieved without a BBK.  You can’t argue that these bright red Rotora’s look at home behind these rims.

Rotora front 6 piston 2pc 355x32mm rotors