Liberty Garage: 007 (continued)

I just recently put all my ideas down on MsPaint (I know, I keep it old school) to help you guys visualize what I been seeing in my mind.  You may notice some things on there that I didn’t mention.  I am trying to keep you guys on your toes so expect some more secrets on the finished product that I am not showing you in this pic.

Here’s the pic I used as Reference.  Shout out to Mode Parfume for the picture and dope F50.

AGI stands for Auto Glam Innovations which is my company.  Come see me if you need parts or a custom kit/body work done to your ride.  People ask where I get these ideas from but I can’t explain it.  Creativity isn’t something you can teach.  Lots of thought is put into everything from the size and proportions of parts on the car they are going on, to how well they will work with the overall flow of a car.


Stanceworks Meet on Sunday August 1st

Liberty VIP will be at the Stanceworks meet this Sunday August first in the ANTHONY WAYNE RECREATION AREA, (exit 17 off the Palisades Parkway) to show our support.  These guys admire fitment and stance and that’s the bread and butter of our style.  We just have different model cars but at the end, it’s a similar passion that we share.  We hope to see some clean rides out there.  Don’t hesitate to come over and introduce yourself to the guys.


Liberty Garage: 025

Paul has chosen an unlikely vehicle to style, a Lexus IS300.  This model has been a hit in the tuner world since it has been released.  With that said, the after-market is limited when it comes to parts that focus’ on luxury.  However, he is on the right track with Universal Air Suspension and a freshly done up interior that consists of diamond stitched leathers and suede (can be seen in the “no guts, no glory” section of the blog).

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