Liberty Garage: 007 (continued)

I just picked up a Bentley Flying Spur bumper that they will use for the rear.  Here is a pic of what it looks like with the rear valance on and the reverse lights in place.

Like I said before, I am going for a top of the line luxury look with some sport mixed in.  Expect it to look slightly more aggressive on the completed version.  As of now, I am buying the parts I need in the order in which the shop will need them.  I still need a bunch of things that will finish off the look but won’t affect the shop from doing its work.  Things like a single exhaust tip (I threw 1 away when I was moving) 1 reverse lamp, etc. are the things I will pick up last since they won’t hold up the project.  I knocked out most of the expensive stuff, just need a few more things and I am done buying parts.