Liberty Garage: 004 (continued)

It seems like an eternity since we last updated you on the progress of this ride but we did not disappoint.  So they got to work on Brendan’s car.  Check out the progress so far on the front/rear bumpers.  This is going to be sick!  I am extra pumped because this is my first majority custom build for a customer (in this case, teammate)with my company Auto Glam Innovations/Luxury Abstract.  I have to give Brendan a big shout out for taking it to an even higher level than I expected and not leaving out any details.  Also big shout out to Dreamakers Kustoms once again for doing a terrific job on the body work and putting out another sick VIP car.

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Remix Car show in Englishtown NJ

Liberty VIP will be at the “Remix” car show Saturday August 7th at Englishtown.  Ty made it on their flyer.


Rollin’: 004

This may be one of the worst motion shots ever but its still worth a post.  Here is Olek rollin hard with his 7 series Bimmer on coilovers.

Pretty much, how you see it here is how you see it rollin’ since its static.