Remix Aftermath

Saturday was a long action packed day at the Remix car show in E-Town NJ.

Friday night, we were told roll in ends at 10am.  Tommi was up early on Saturday and ready to leave.  I drive off and realize I had forgotten the Liberty flags so I went back to get them.  We got there late along with Chris but were still allowed in.  Ty and Will were nowhere to be seen at the time.  They might have still been under the impression that roll in ends at noon.  They finally get there around 12pm and are not allowed in.  30-40 minutes of us all talking with the head of security got them in there.

Jermaine from Hawaii was in town too on vacation.  He gave me a call and I managed to get him lost.  Instead of telling him Englishtown, I told him Atco raceway which is over an hour away.  I felt horrible but the lesson was learned.  Don’t ask me for directions.  He was pissed but after he calmed down, he showed up which was cool of him to do.    We introduced him to Four Loco and he fit right in like he known the guys for years.

Now it was time for the award ceremony.  We were all anxious to see who would win best Lexus, Ty or Tommi.  When Ty originally rolled in, Tommi jokingly said “now I’m not winning shit.”  He ended up beating Ty and getting the Best Lexus award for his black LS430.

Ty did not go home empty-handed, he won Best interior.  Considering there were about 250 cars there, thats a pretty nice win.

Now it was time for “Runner up Best Team.”  When Liberty was not called, we all started walking back to our cars since there was only one trophy left which we figured we had no shot of winning.  Although we had 7 guys on hand, we only had 4 cars in the actual show.  Some of the other teams had about 8-10 nicely done up vehicles.  They announce best team and the winner was Liberty VIP!  We were all in shock.  The guys suggested I go up and accept the trophy for the team.  I did a Michael Jackson kick on stage followed by a crotch grab which I held for 10 seconds so Ray could take my pic.

It was a great feeling.  This was our first “Best Team” trophy and it really was a team effort.  If the flags were not on display, we may have not won it.  If Ty and Will were not allowed in, the award would have went else ware.  If Chris and Tommi did not show, we would have had no shot at it.

Hopefully this is the first of many team awards we may get in the future.

Pic credits: Will.  Team pic was taken by Ray Antonio Horton.