Week 1 of Liberty Calendar Voting

To close out the year with a bang, we are going to put together a calendar for you guys.  This is a way of rewarding some of our star members for putting in the work they have put in.  We need your help to determine what cars get to make the cut.  There will be 15 months total.  Some months will include multiple cars just so we can get as many in there as possible.  You get to choose 5 cars per week.  Week 4 will include the top cars from weeks 1-3 that were not chosen.  If you would like to help with photography please email me some of your work to agimjones@gmail.com

1 Tommi

2 Big TY

3. Kevin

4. Randy

5. Will

6. Charlie

7. Fat Mike

8. Olek

9. Ruben

10. Dave

Remember, you get 5 choices.  Voting ends next Monday


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