Accomplishments: “Big Ty” Pictured in RIDES Magazine

Tommi was flipping through the pages of RIDES magazine when he discovered that Big Ty was pictured in their newest issue (the one with the “Best team” on the cover).  He had no clue so it comes as a pleasant surprise to him.

Notice the Liberty plate on the dash.  Pic taken at the Funk Master Flex car show in NJ.

Let me tell you a little story that will make this even more interesting.  Ty actually had work that day.  Aside from the trophy he took home, I am sure seeing his car in a major car magazine made the risk he took in calling in sick, worth it.

I would like to add, Platinum also got a team feature in this issue.  It is worth getting if you are a fan of  the US VIP scene since they are putting out some nice cars as well on the West Coast.  Props to them.

*Liberty VIP was actually asked to be in this issue as a team.  We were given short notice (3-4 days) and lots of guys were in between wheels, getting body work done, or just unable to make the photo shoot in Upstate NY with that little notice.  It was really tough to turn down the feature but we would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity.  We look to come back next year in full strength and hopefully we are given another shot at it.  Thanks