King TY for Underboss

Ty has been representing us to the fullest by attending all of our meets/shows and getting there early with the presentation of his ride always on point.  He is also a real stand up guy who will go out of his way to help.  His car and attitude represent what we are about.  With his uncanny ability to attract a large variety of women to his ride, we decided to move him up in our rankings.

  He is next in line to be a BAUWSS!  With that said, he has the authority to approve new members and lead the crew when ever he feels the need to take charge.  He also can make you go to the store for him at any given moment.  JK



7 responses to “King TY for Underboss

  1. That’s what’s it all about… and he didn’t have to go get us Cheese cake at Juniors on foot from Queens…

    You’re the man Ty…

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