Debut: Brandon LS400 UCF20 After

I didn’t plan it this way but this is the third straight post with a different black Lexus ucf20 LS400 After MC (98-00 model).  I might as well add Don with his black LS400 in the mix and post updates on his car tomorrow.

Let me introduce you to one of our newest members Brandon from MA.  Not to be confused with Brendan from MA with the silver Q45 F50.

Brandon just installed his air suspension today and is on the way to adding another sick VIP ride to the New England area.  He has a set of multi piece Japanese wheels ready to go on there soon.  We first met him at “B L A C K”, our VIP car show that we held on July 17th.  From there, he bought an air suspension from me and showed up in a Jeep Liberty.  We laughed about it and then he went on to add that the company he works for has “Liberty” in its name.  Talk about coincidence.


One response to “Debut: Brandon LS400 UCF20 After

  1. Nice the Boston chapter is growing. I hope we’re all ready for next year. Its gonna be a long winter for sure.

    Shit looks dope Brandon.

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