Inspiration: Bentley Getting Inspired By AGI?

First off, I would like to say I LOVE the new 2012 Bentley GT.  This post is just comparing some obvious similarities from my car that I designed, with the new Bentley GT front end.

The previous Bentley’s grill was more angled and not as upright as this one (yes I know, that’s due to the new safety law).  Also, the headlamps are now angled and slicked back where as the previous model wasn’t.

When you move down to the bumper, you see that the fog light opening on the GT is very similar to the shape of the Lexus LS460 fog lights which I used.  On top of that, they removed the body lines that sculpted around the headlights that was found on the previous generation.  My car doesn’t have those lines either.

^2003-2010 style front.  Notice the grill is more slicked back while the headlights are upright and barely angled.  The hood was sculpted around the headlights.

^2012+ Notice the grill is upright, it now stands tall.  The headlights are more slicked back and they are angled.  The hood is no longer sculpted above the lights.

^My car pic taken in 08

When I first decided to use Bentley headlights on my President front end, I wasn’t trying to recreate a Bentley.  I would have bought a whole GT front clip if that was the case.  I was trying to create my own car.  In order to make the headlights flow with the lines of the vehicle and space that was given, I had to tilt them to the side and slick them back.

Coincidence?  Here is a good picture to compare the fog light openings in the bumper as well as the angle of the lights.  I am not saying it is identical but you cant deny that the similarities are there.

Now if they took the idea from me or not, we will never know.  I am satisfied enough to just think we were on the same page with something as major as the front end of their top selling vehicle.  Especially since I look at their cars for inspiration every day.

Reasons I think they might have gotten inspired by my ride:

– My car went under construction in Spring 2008.  Enough time for them to design it, get it approved and make it come to life as a 2012 model.

– Sept 08, it graced the cover of RIDES the top-selling car magazine in North America.

– Chances of someone running across an issue at a newsstand, since it is available everywhere and showing it to someone who works there is a strong possibility

The owner of K-Break of Japan standing next to the poster of my car at SEMA and mentioning  how he was looking for it,  in VIP Style magazine (Japanese).  Just saying, it really got out there world wide so you really never know.  It is possible that the designer could have searched on google to get some ideas and ran across it one way or another.  Either way if they did or not, this is motivation for me to keep designing and putting out sick cars!  You can reach me at for your custom body work needs.  If you need a demo car done for SEMA, I am willing to help out.

Bentley, at the very least can you please give me a set of those new GT headlights?  😉


8 responses to “Inspiration: Bentley Getting Inspired By AGI?

  1. ha ha ha! That’s awesome! I have the actual interior shots etc. for the pre-release on the car and never even thought about it, but I think you’re on to something!

    You want me to talk to the Rep in Boston and ask him what gives! lol

      • Unfortunately I saw the light set-up came from a design that mimiced the traditional styling of the Bentley brand. It still doesn’t mean you can’t use the headlights. 😉

      • I get that part. It has to look like the other models in the brand which is why they incorporated the smaller light. What I am saying is that their execution is real similar to what I did. They could have positioned the new style headlights more up right with the little corner light angled and still kept it consistent with the new Mulsanne. I am not trying to say I made them use two circles since obviously, that is their trademark. I am just saying that the overall execution of how they positioned the lights may have been partially influenced. Either way, I can accept the fact that it might be a coincidence. I am just stating reasons why it might not be.

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