First Class Fitment Liberty VIP Pics

We got lots of pics in this one.

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First Class Fitment video’s

Check out these quick camera phone video’s of the crew rolling out that I added to our youtube page.


Pictures to come late on today so check back for updates.


“First Class Fitment” Car Show Recap

Our friends over at CaniBeat have managed to throw the best car show of the year.  There were so many beautiful rides there and the location was real nice.  The day was filled with lots of laughs and some of the hottest fitment/stance cars on this side of North America.  We will have more “First Class Fitment” coverage soon.

Liberty VIP had its strongest showing to a car show yet.  Having our logo on their official flyer and tee shirts made us feel like we had to go there and represent to the fullest. It’s tough getting all of our big dogs in the same place because our team is so spread out in terms of location.  In total, we had about 15 cars from 5 different states during the course of the day including all of our heavy hitters.

I know everyone in the crew got an added sense of pride when we set up this shoot.  Expect some epic blog content all across the web soon.

Congrats to Smitty with the brown M45 taking home the Best VIP award. . .

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Calendar Photoshoot: BIG TY

Ty’s calendar shoot went real smooth thanks to the good people at Russo’s on The Bay and our photographer Alex.  What I love about this grown and sexy scene is that you really do get treated like V.I.P.’s.  Read Alex’ story on how Ty managed to shoot in this sick location.

“Then it was Ty’s time to shoot and things got interesting..
He wanted to shoot in front of some fancy restaurant that was on a busy highway.
At first I just X’d the whole idea because we would have to do it super fast bum rush style

But Ty talked to the manager and they gave us the ok so we did it in about 5 minutes…

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FOR SALE: Rodney’s 2006 Acura TL Widebody

All good things have to come to an end.  Rodney feels that its time to move on.  He has listed the car priced to sell at $24,300.  For the quality of parts and work put into it, that price is a steal!


Modification List:
Wheels & Brakes

 Super Star – Leon Hardiritt Orden – 3-Piece – Staggered (F: 19”x10” – R: 19”x11”)
 Tires: F: 235/35/19 & R: 265/30/19
 Rotora BBK (RED) – 13” Rotors w/ 4 Piston Calipers

VIDEO: Jermaine Y33 Q45

With photography, there is a lot that can be hidden with editing softwares and techniques.  A great photographer could make a decent car look good.  This is why I love video.  You get a better sense of what the car would look like in person compared to a picture.  Jermaine saved us a plane ticket to Hawaii by posting this video up, check it out