We finally did it, we reached 100,000 views and we got here a lot sooner than expected.  It has been a personal milestone of mine that I put in back of my mind keeping me motivated to post daily.  Although the views don’t mean much, it shows that people are logging in every day to see what we are up to.

For what this page is, the view count is pretty impressive.  It is not a message forum or a blog leading to a message forum.  It is not a blog high-lighting random cars or even the entire VIP scene.  This is not a store either.  It’s a page for a car crew in a small scene.  Looking at the bigger picture, this shows people the potential that this style has.  As true hardcore enthusiasts, keeping the scene true is important to us.  If VIP style does blow up and the media waters it down like they do every scene, you know we will still be here keeping it hardcore.

I have to thank; all of our viewers for checking in daily, those who leave feedback in the comments, other blog sites for showing us love by linking us,  the photographers for supplying us with pics, and most importantly, our members for documenting their journeys along the way.

Don’t think this means we are going to stop now.  We will continue to supply you guys with the heat from the fastest growing, largest, most diverse VIP club in North America.  Thanks guys!




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