NO GUTS NO GLORY: 003 Continued

Since Joe was kind enough to take the time out to do a full write-up on his interior, we will share it with you guys just like it came from the horse’s mouth.  Due to the length, we broke it up into pieces to make it easier to read.

“The Next item is the A/B/C Pillars…Originally we wanted to do the same square patterned material as the outer edges of the headliner and we were even going to line it up and cut it so that the squares would be in perfect pattern with those on the headliner. This was not possible as we just didn’t have enough of that fabric and it was a season only fabric so we couldn’t get any more anywhere. It also may not have been thick enough to wrap on the pillars in the end so it wasn’t a big loss. So now we wanted a definite upgrade but something that would not detract from the headliner or the ostrich. We needed something that would be solid on its own yet not take away from anything else.

We found a great deal on this leatherette called “Lexus Black” that was super soft at JoAnn Fabric of all places. We even got a great deal on it as we were in a hurry and the lady couldn’t get the price to ring up correctly so she just gave us a huge discount and we were off! The Lexus Black turned out to be perfect because: 1) it was the right thickness and durability for the pillars. 2)It was a simple black color so it would not distract from the rest of the interior and 3) the texture and feel sets it apart from the other fabrics out there so it is still sweet on its own.

So the Pillars just pop out with a twisting action as they are just held in with metal and plastic pop clips. Like the Door cards, the OEM material was removed and the parts were prepped and cleaned. This time we removed all of the foamy materials.” – Joe “Burgy”



3 responses to “NO GUTS NO GLORY: 003 Continued

  1. I remeber when Burgy was driving around St. Pete while sitting on nothing but a bath towel that was covering leather-less foam on the seats 😛

    P.S. Joans is the sh*t, i re-did 90% of my Golf interior with stuff from Joans for undeer $200 xD

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