ISO X SWD 2010 in North Carolina

This past weekend, our friends over at Team RPM and I.S.O. had a meet down in North Carolina.  Smitty trooped down from MD in his M45 and it appeared to have been one of the crowd favorites there.

Pic Credits: Tony Deng Photography (first 3 pics), Steve Nguyen (rest of the pics)

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Photo Shoot Spotlight: Ty 2GS

If Ty was at a car show this past Summer, betting on him taking at least one trophy home would have been a smart investment.  Loosing your money would be a long shot unless it was “rigged.”

The canary yellow fogs illuminate the floor like the gold hardware in Ty’s trophy room.  You can say that photographer David Tormey from CaniBeat was on the money with this rig shot.


Photo Shoot Spotlight: Philly’s New Wheels

Once again, D.Tek saves the day.  No he’s not a cop, he’s just a photographer who does justice to every car he shoots.

I would suggest you click on the pictures to see them in their full size to appreciate the greatness of both Philly’s GS and the photographers skills.


Pic Credits: D.Tek

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No Guts No Glory: 004

Some modifications are done to get noticed while others are performed just to blend in with what’s already there.  Those mods work best when you don’t notice them because they appear as if they came stock.  El Presidente just recently wrapped his Jaguar Vanden Plas headliner in suede.

(Visors are being done too, he ran out of adhesive)

The color match appears to be spot on with his Connolly leather.  When you look at the rest of the plush interior, you would assume the headliner came this way as factory equipment, it just feels right.


BLACK: Sequel?

Since today is Black Friday, I figured I would drop some news in regards to “BLACK.”  I get asked all the time if we are going to do a second one and if so when and where?  To answer those questions, there will be a BLACK II but the date and location are still TBD.  Judging by the rapid pace of the Liberty VIP crew alone, the scene is only going to get bigger and better.  I hope to see 3x the amount of cars from all over the continent in attendance.

We look to make this an event rather than a typical car show, all for the love of the scene.  You definitely won’t want to miss this event.  Let the modding continue and see you guys next year.  Stay tuned for details.


P.S. Go to newstands today to pick up the January issue of Import Tuner magazine.  “Black” coverage is featured in page 14

Happy Thanksgiving From LIBERTY VIP

During these hard times, we all have a lot to be thankful for.  If you have any job these days, you are very fortunate. Being able to drive luxury cars and modify them despite what is going on in the economy is a blessing.  I am thankful for my great health, family and for being apart of a great crew that feels like my extended family.  Thanks

I hope you all have a great thanksgiving that is spent with people you care about.  Take a moment out to realize how lucky we really are.

I googled “Liberty Turkey” and found a turkey named Liberty.  I don’t think he lived much longer after his picture was taken.


No Guts, No Glory: 003 Continued


We were fortunate enough to have Sam and Joe “Burgy” document their interior build on Joe’s Y33 Q45.  Check out how they did the visors.

“For the Visors, We always talked about how the small details make or break a project and that we wouldn’t be happy with a little of the stock grey left anywhere or that generic pocket sleeve that many people stuff their visors into and then sew up the last side. This led us to taking a big leap of faith and cracking open the visors. We figured worst case we break them and have to glue them all back together and clean them up before we re-wrap them. It turns out that they do come apart rather easily after all. And when I say easy….I really mean with lots of patience and force :lol:

We started with removing the OEM material again.

Then we started the process by popping one heat weld inside at a time.

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