Recap: AF Meet in SoCal 2009

This Sunday is the 4th annual Autofashion meet.  It’s the biggest VIP gathering around in San Diego California.  I was lucky enough to have made it there last year.  Chris tagged along with me and we had a blast.  SoCal and NYC is like night and day.  Everything is so slow and laid back.  The weather is always nice and people are always in a good mood where as in NY, the world seems like it is changing every time you blink.

Although the meet its self was well worth the flight there, it’s the partying we did that will assure that we will be back in the future.  Here is the PG version of our time there

Paying for the bill with a stripper dollar LOL!

Reeling them in was no problem for a BAUWSS!

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Liberty VIP 2011 Calendar Photo Shoot: Rodney TL

Rodney’s car is for sale but luckily, he will have lots of great memories including a dope calendar to remember it by.

Just judging by the location of the pictures and our photographer Alex’ skill level, I know these will be insane.

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