Liberty VIP 2011 Calendar Photo Shoot: Rodney TL

Rodney’s car is for sale but luckily, he will have lots of great memories including a dope calendar to remember it by.

Just judging by the location of the pictures and our photographer Alex’ skill level, I know these will be insane.

No he did not move, the mini van had to reverse out of there so they could finish the shoot.

To pre-order your copy of the Liberty VIP calendar, please send $30 +$6 shipping to  We expect to get the calendars right before Christmas but we will not be ordering a large quantity.


8 responses to “Liberty VIP 2011 Calendar Photo Shoot: Rodney TL

  1. You have no idea how insane these pictures came out…

    At the Alley location… in lower Manhattan… we literally shut down the street… there were people walking by just watching… then a group of photography students with a professor were walking by and the professor basically gave a lesson to his students for like 20 minutes while observing Alex work. It was pretty cool. I was listening and it takes a lot to get the right shot in such a place…

    At the bridge location… we basically shut down that spot too. We even had a City Tow truck spot and chill with us for a while. It was like we had a permit to shoot there… LOL… Like if we had a tow truck ready to tow anyone who would have been in our spot… LOL… he was even willing to back into the car and get in a shoot… He said that no tow truck would tow the car if it looked that way in the street. Just not worth the headache. I believed him cause I was parked in a street that was going to be paved once and they went through the trouble to go into the DMV website and find my address and they politely knocked on my door and asked me to move my car… LOL… I had a crew of like 20 construction workers and two trucks waiting for me to move it…LOL

    This shoot was a lot of fun…

    This Calendar is going to be INSANE!!!

  2. Yeah the shots are HELLA sick! I can’t decide whether we should use the alley shot or the bridge shot for the calendar, they are both equally SICK!!! I didn’t realize that big group of people was a photography class! Haha I was too focused on getting pics of the car to pay them any attention.

    The cones that we found by the bridge location ended up in the trunk and are ready for the next shoot!!! Hahahaha

    Yeah the city tow truck, a couple police officers, and all kinda people came by when we were shooting under the bridge, no one bothered us even though we were taking up more than half of the street and forcing people to squeeze between my lights and the curb.

  3. I’m gonna miss LECHE, such a dope build and inspiration. It was like a piece of art rolling on the highway that day we all met up in the Bronx to go to the show. I sttill get chills when I see this car.

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