Accomplishment: “BLACK” Featured in January 2011 Import Tuner Magazine

I just discovered that event coverage for “BLACK” was featured in the January 2011 issue of Import Tuner.  I have to give a huge shout out to Somya Siva and Brian Chin for the coverage.  Also a sincere thank you to every single person who was in attendance.  Lets congratulate the Liberty VIP members who were featured in the article.  All of our original BAUWSS’ got love in the pics,  Philly, Chris, Tommi and Rodney.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

On the Top Row: Chris Black 2GS, Ron custom interior on his black 3GS

Middle Row: Tommi Black LS430, Rodney White TL

Last Row: Will White SC430, Philly Silver 2GS

(Click on pics to make them bigger)

Without the crew showing up with their sick cars, it couldn’t have happened.  Expect BLACK II to be even better.  News on the date and location will be coming before the New Years.


10 responses to “Accomplishment: “BLACK” Featured in January 2011 Import Tuner Magazine

  1. ohhh… mutha f’in shyt…… i will be autographing my issue if anyone wants it at the DCI Toys For Tots meet on Saturday, November 20 at 11:30am if anyone is interested.

  2. I will be framing this one since its both the first time the team gets mentioned in a major mag as well as a personal achievement for the show. I would like everyone in it to sign that copy

  3. After the calendar comes out, maybe I’ll take a crack at making some ads for Black2 with some of the shots I have from everyone’s cars….


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