This Is How We Do It: VIP Style Haircuts?

When Rodney sent me this pic a few weeks back, I was rolling.  You know you are VIP when even your barber shop is called that.  I am still curious to what a VIP Style haircut might look like?  Diamond stitching along the sides?  I think we need to pay them a visit, interview them and do a review of the shop/hair cut lol.

Finding a random barber shop called “VIP Style” is pretty funny since that’s the scene we are in and cars most likely had nothing to do with the naming of the shop.  Rodney took it to another level by parking his vip styled ride right in front of the joint.  Anyone who ever been to NYC knows exactly how hard it is to find a spot anywhere at any time of the day.  So getting a pic like this one has an added degree of difficulty to it.  Props to him for being dedicated enough to take a joke to the next level.