Lights Out!: 005

Al who was a former D.C. resident, moved out to Hawaii not too long ago.  Don’t think the warm weather and beautiful women slowed down his love for the scene.  He continues to rep Liberty VIP proudly and doesn’t look to stop the modding process.

The Q45 projector is one of the most sought after projectors in terms of looks.

The 7 mini projectors resemble a Gatling gun.  The problem with them is that they are huge and won’t fit most headlamps.  Al is trying to retro fit them into his GS headlights.  I have to admit, that looks like a really tight fit but he has already done the measurements and confirmed that he can potentially make them work.

If you are in Hawaii, go check out Al’s car as well as Jermaines Y33 Q45 at the Remix car show Saturday December 18th


10 responses to “Lights Out!: 005

  1. NiiiCE Al, besides the obvious, I’m really feeling the painted out headlight surrounds and led inners. Gatlings are a good touch, actually want to fit them into the inners on my ride. But I gotta ask…who is she in that first pic with the mean ass stance, lol?

  2. That shot was taken at the pursuit 2 in Cali when my car was out there.. Shouldve left it there but hey, I cant be away from the ride for too long.. and Jermain, dont worry, these werent brian’s…

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