Calendar Photo Shoot: Rob 2GS

On Friday, I heard Philly was teaming up with our photographer for the calendar photo shoot.  I had to come check out his new wheels in person.  They look sick and pics don’t do his car justice.

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Random Liberty Sightings: 013

I actually have a whole bunch of these stored in my other computer.  Keep them coming, the good ones will eventually go up.

So I am riding around in Bobby’s GS in Philly turning heads as we prepared to shoot for the calendar when we notice a Liberty taxi.  It broke our necks.  The cab must have passed by like 20 times (okay, most likely not the same exact taxi) but I could never get a good picture of it.  Either it was too dark or the car would just be quicker than the speed of my camera phone.  I felt like a frustrated hunter.  When I stopped caring, the deer was right there in front of me for a perfect shot.  Got em!

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