Calendar Photo Shoot: Rob 2GS

On Friday, I heard Philly was teaming up with our photographer for the calendar photo shoot.  I had to come check out his new wheels in person.  They look sick and pics don’t do his car justice.

For the first shoot, we met up by Geno’s which is a famous cheese steak place in Philly.  Lucky for us, Rob was able to park right in front despite it being a busy Friday night.  With the help of Jerry, we had barricades set up in the middle of the street so Alex could take his time with the pics.  The car drew a lot of attention both pedestrian and police wise.  There was a cop car across the street the whole time and he didn’t harass at all despite us being there for an hour with cones, a tripod and two people holding lights, without a permit.  That’s VIP treatment for you.

Lets give Rob some props.  Philly is not a VIP style friendly town.  Check out how narrows some of their streets are.  Now imagine having to parallel park every single day.  Don’t make excuses, just do it.

I really can’t wait to get my hands on a calendar.  If you want to pre-order one, send me $30 + $6 shipping to


3 responses to “Calendar Photo Shoot: Rob 2GS

  1. tucKING all four corners. Seen side shots with the new wheels elsewhere and they’re out there too. New set up really shows off the LoW!!! Simle, clean yet oh so agg. Good move.

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