No Guts, No Glory: 003 Continued


We were fortunate enough to have Sam and Joe “Burgy” document their interior build on Joe’s Y33 Q45.  Check out how they did the visors.

“For the Visors, We always talked about how the small details make or break a project and that we wouldn’t be happy with a little of the stock grey left anywhere or that generic pocket sleeve that many people stuff their visors into and then sew up the last side. This led us to taking a big leap of faith and cracking open the visors. We figured worst case we break them and have to glue them all back together and clean them up before we re-wrap them. It turns out that they do come apart rather easily after all. And when I say easy….I really mean with lots of patience and force :lol:

We started with removing the OEM material again.

Then we started the process by popping one heat weld inside at a time.

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