“First Class Fitment” Video Coverage

The guys over at Klutch put together a very sick video of the Canibeat “First Class Fitment” car show that went down on 10/30/10.  Liberty got lots of love in it so I thought I would share.  Although pics are always nice, a video gives you a true sense of what the car looks like in person.  Check it out



This Is How We Do It: Side Mirror Winkers

Max with the Mode Parfume Airrunner Acura RL, has been MIA for most of the year due to the recent purchase of a house as well as his marriage over the Fall.  When you combine moving and planning for such an event, you really are not left with much free time.  Not to worry, he is still modding and very much in the game.

On newer cars, many models (especially luxury) have side mirror LED turn signal winkers.  A large part of the scene is about making your ride look current by adding modifications that come standard on newer luxury models.  Max’s 04 Acura RL did not come with the LED mirrors nor is there an after market option but that did not stop him from getting it done on his.  Custom work is what we are all about!

He ordered just the actual side turn signals from an after market brand in Japan with the intentions of “making them fit.”  First he had to measure and mark where he wanted to cut.  From there, he pulled out the dremel and went to work.  After that, they were silicone’d in place.

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Iced Out: 004

The trunk is one area that often goes under the radar in the US scene.  Unlike some of our mods, the ice is actually a functional part of a completed build since you get to hear it every time you turn on the radio.  Check out Mr.Mark’s ice box in his Infiniti M45 Y34.

Pic Credits: Chris Stevens

In case you are wondering, yes there is a Junction Produce Scara on the floor of the trunk because he used to own a set many moons ago.


Winter Mode Allstars: 005

The salt that they put on the roads to melt snow/ice is harmful to the finish on our expensive wheels.  Some of the guys don’t get discouraged by mother nature and have nice “beater” rims just for the winter.  Who says you can’t roll around in style all 4 seasons?  Check out how Brett rolls around Toronto Canada during the snowy months.

G35 wheels powder coated in a gun metal finish on his lowered LS400 UCF20.


LIBERTY GARAGE: 007 Continued

I got my second RR Phantom door handle to complete a side.  It took a little while to come in but it made it here on Christmas eve.  Thanks Santa

As you can see, they are huge.  The only hold up right now on my build are the wheels.  I will order them just after New Years.  Stay tuned.


Final Notice: 2011 Calendars

With Christmas just a day away, we want to wish you all a happy and safe holiday.  Our calendars are almost complete and we figured we would give you guys one last chance at getting a copy.  We will only be creating 50 calendars and more than half have already been sold.  Your only chance to get your hands on one is to pre-order.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  They are first come, first serve and we won’t be ordering any more.  The calendars are being done in high quality gloss metallic with professional grade photographs.

(note these pics below are not being used in the calendar)

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