LIBERTY GARAGE: 007 Continued

I got this package in the mail the other day.  As I open it, I got the chills.  Could of been because this stainless steel door handle was cold to touch or because I was having suicidal thoughts.

(cup used to show the scale)

The heavyweight champ of the ultra luxury world is the Rolls Royce Phantom.  The presence one has on the road is like no other car out there.  From the tall menacing chrome grill to the ultra thick c-pillar, this car/limo stands out like elephant in the room.

The doors on the Phantom are what they call “suicide.”  You don’t see these on any other new factory cars out there but they were very popular back in the day.  The origin for the term is unknown but there are a few theories circulating.  One being that if the doors were to open themselves on a moving vehicle and you were to fall out from the back, the door would smack your head which would kill you.  I don’t see that happening on todays cars with modern hinges and latches.  Another being that if you were to get out from the back seat and a car was to hit the rear door, it would close on you potentially slicing your body like a slap chop seen on infomercials.  A normal door door would just rip off in that situation.

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