Females of REMIX Hawaii

Car shows are meant to be fun but more often than not, people take them way too seriously and it ruins the experience for others.  At LIBERTY VIP, we are all about having a great time above anything else.  Our rides are the trophies to us.  Of course we all want to be rewarded for our hard work, money and time spent in our cars but we never let the competition aspect of the show keep us from having a good time.  There is never a dull moment with these guys.  At this last show, LIBERTY took home 6 trophies and $1000 between 3 cars at REMIX Hawaii but they did not wait to be given their awards to begin celebrating.

Al puts the stamped Euro Liberty plate to use.  Only official LIBERTY members are qualified to get one.  We can’t begin to tell you about the benefits of having one of these.

This post is dedicated to the females who were at Remix car show that gravitated towards the baller section of the car show.  Looks like they had a blast as well.

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