Lights Out!: 006

Ty recently asked the crew for our opinions on which headlight retrofit he should do, the Q45 projector …

or the M45?

Each projector has its selling points and both can look very nice in the GS headlamps.

Pic Credit: luxurymods

The Q45 projector is very attractive and sought after in the retro-fit world.  They now create replica’s due to the shortage of Q headlights out there and even the knockoffs cost more than most other projectors.  It has a unique 7 lens design which resembles a Gatling gun that is love it or hate it for most.  Size wise, it fills up the headlight very nicely.  The only issues being that the light output will not be greatly improved over stock which really makes it a costly almost non functional mod.  Also, it is extremely popular for GS’ to do where it seems “played out” to most.

The M45 on the other hand is still very new to many retro-fitters.  The projector its self is not unique but the cut off is far better than the Q45.  That means this would be very functional in spotting NYC pot holes a lot sooner than with the Gatling’s.  The shroud (part that goes around the projector) gives the projector its own identity .  It has little slits on it which allows light to peak out the sides to give off a nice effect.  That part is also tinted green which matches the 01-05 Lexus GS factory headlight tint so it looks as impressive on or off.

What will he end up choosing?  Voice your opinion


6 responses to “Lights Out!: 006

  1. The M45’s are definitely gangster. Plus, you can modify the cut-off and swap out a TSX lens for a nicer look. You could also place LED’s where all the slots are. Seen that done and it looks siiiiick.

    UCF31 retrofit would also be a great option.

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